Functions of the Accounts Division

♦ continuing and maintaining official bank account of the Department

♦ Functions related to issuing receipts for receiving from cash and cheques, banking them and maintaining documents relating to them.

♦ Functions related to preparation of salaries of all officers and employees of the Department, payment of salaries and maintenance of salary registers

♦ Preparation and up to date maintenance of annual budget estimates, appropriation account, monthly account reports, bank reconciliations of the Department

♦ Maintenance of appropriation expense ledger

♦ Functions of releasing, transferring and accounting provisions of the Department

♦ Functions of bearing expense on the provisions received from other Departments and submitting expense descriptions to the relevant Department by debit notifications

♦ Up to date maintenance of the loan register of the Advance Account of the Provincial Council Public Officers, maintaining Control Account and reconciliation activities

♦ appointing annual boards of survey of the Department and the institutions operating under the purview of the Department

♦ Maintaining imprest account, remittance account, remitting to the Chief Secretary’s Office, reconciling and submitting relevant reports and preparation of the statement of annual cash imprest and preparation of projection of annual cash imprest

♦ Maintaining cash book, writing cheques and function with regard to dishonoured cheques

♦ Appointing procurement committees and technical assessment committees, gathering such committees and functions of informing procurement committee decisions

♦ Calling bids to purchase goods according to the requirement of the Department, presenting it before the procurement committee and purchasing according to the decision

♦ Preparation of accounts summaries of the Department (CIGAS)

♦ Acting as in charge of the store of the Head Office, accepting, issuing good and up to date maintenance of books and registers related to it

♦ Up to date maintenance of accounting documents