Functions of the Service Division

♦ Total supervision of the certified schools, detention homes and government child receiving centre which operated under the direct control of the Department and functions related to qualitative development of the services of such institutions

♦ Initial registration of voluntary child development centres and daycare centres, renewing of registration and closure of institutions

♦ Giving permissions to take out children in Child Development Centres and functions with regard to handing them over for the guardians

♦ Functions with regard to socializing of institutionalized children

♦ All functions with regard to enrolment and transfer of children in to child development centres of the Western Province and all functions with regard to extension of residency of the children

♦ Functions with regard to probation and foster care files

♦ Functions with regard to complains, petitions from the general public and reports called by the court with regard to Child Development Centres

♦ Conducting cultural, religious and other festivals, workshops and vocational training courses for the children and their coordination

♦ Functioning with regard to getting Departmental approval for the unapproved children living in Child Development Centres

♦ Operating Sisumina scholarships, suitable individual aids programmes

♦ Issuing passes for the students who needs to carry out any study on the institutions exist under the direct control of the Department to accomplish such studies

♦ Functions related to giving away children for adoption

♦ Functions with regard to the applicants who apply to adopt children

♦ All duties related to calling information of the children of the Western Province