Main Functions

  • Key function

    1.Provide mental and physical protection to opened, disabled ,destitute deserted and abused children.

    2. Decrease the institutionalization of the children.

    3. Socialization of the institutionalized children.

    4. Enhance the planning and the management level of the development.

  • Diagnostic characters of the offenders who are under probation treat them and direct them to the right path ability and produce them to the society.
  •  Observing the characters of the children and younger sisters who are to be rehabilitated through certified schools rehabilitating and sending them to the society after providing proper treatment accordingly.
  • Providing children welfare for orphaned desituated, abandoned, abused, disable and needy children through caring protection and education.
  • Providing security for the children who were under the activities of criminal law till the court order is given.
  • Conducting programmes to educate the public to prohibit child abuse involving children to narcotics and to protect children rights.
  • Providing abandoned, orphaned children for suitable local persons for adoption.
  •  Registration of Day care centers child development centers supervision and financial assistance
  • Providing of physical and mental facilities such as Food, Education and Health in institutionalized children.
  • Providing of temporary detentions and other facilities for children on court verdicts.
  • Providing of protection in child mothers by Child Mothers’ Centers.
  • Giving protection in infants through Government Receiving Center.
  • Organizing of various seminars, conducting of cultural & religious ceremonies and evaluating of talents of children in child development centers.
  • Handing over of institutionalized children to parents, relatives and guardians.
  • Making over children to adopt legally.
  • Registration of couples with no children in Child Care Department of Western Province, making them aware on opportunities and facilitate to adopt children legally.
  • Providing of self-employment equipment for vocationally trained children.
  • Arrangement of employment opportunities for institutionalized children.
  • Arrangement of weddings.
  • Providing of maintenance expenses, ad hoc aids, incentives to Masters/Mistress for the welfare of institutionalized children by the Department.
  • Registration and re-registration of 120 Child Development Centers.
  • Upgrading the quality of child development centers while introduction of grading and evaluation systems.
  • Development of the infrastructures of Government & Voluntary Child Development Centers.
  • Preparation of child friendly environments in Detention Homes, Certified Schools and Child Development Centers located in Ranmuthugala and Makola.
  • Initiation of special probation unit which is 24 hour operated under the contact number of 0112-078 351 to obtain complaints related to child abuses and offences
  • Providing of school equipment for institutional inclined children belong to 4,500 numbers of low income families in Western Province.
  • Awarding of Sisumina bursaries for institutional inclined children in low income families in Western Province.
  • Providing of self-employment equipment for strengthening of parents of families where there are institutional inclined children.
  • Appropriate person guardianship, under court orders and probation orders protecting children and adults while in the society.
  • Making the community aware to minimize negative impacts on children caused by child abuses and drug usage.
  • Solving in  family problems.
  • Staff welfare and training.
  • Maintaining of a  personal files of them are physically maintained at Head Office.
  • Upgrading of department web site.
  • Giving aids and evaluation of 30 Day Care Centers.
  • Constitute laws related to Child Development Centers.
  • Organizing of meetings for Institution Heads, Probation Officers, Management Committees and various committee meetings such as child adaptation.